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Parentmail is the chief method of circulating news to all of our families to make sure you are kept up-to-date.  Bulletins are sent out every week and it is also the way information about events and sign up forms are communicated.
You do need to verify your Parentmail account in order to receive all the forms and information so if you have yet to receive a confirmation registration email, or you would like to have another one sent out to you, please contact the school office.
Parentmail have lots of information online - please click here to take a look.
Parentmail is registered with the Information Commissioner and guarantees that all information you provide will be kept private and will not be passed on to any other organisation.
Weekly Bulletin for w/c 22.01.18
Coming up in Week 3/5:
During the day
3.15 pm-4.000 pm
(unless stated otherwise)
Other events
Mon 22 January
Early Birds 8.00-9.00 am
2.50 pm Celebration Praise
Hurricane PE
+ book and homework clubs (lunchtime)
Children are invited to attend the Hockey taster, Huish Leisure – an opportunity to give it a try
Football boots required
4.00 pm – 6.00 pm
See earlier parentmail
Tues 23 January
Early Birds 8.00-9.00 am
9.10 am Collective Worship with Rev Alan Symonds (school hall) - all welcome
Preschool - Forest School
Wildfire and Rainbow PE
Board Games
Weds 24 January
Early Birds 8.00-9.00 am
Class collective worship (times vary)
Year 6 Panto rehersals
Pick up 4.15 pm
Thurs 25 January
Early Birds 8.00-9.00 am
Rainbow PE
2.55 pm Collective Worship
Burns ‘night’
Miss B is sure to have haggis!
Team Games
+ knitting club (lunchtime)
Re-scheduled SATS’ Information session for parents
3.15 pm – 3.45 pm
Wildfire Classroom
See previous parentmail
Fri 26 January
Early Birds 8.00-9.00 am
Swimming - Hurricane/Rainbow
11.45 am Collective Worship
Hurricane/Wildfire - PE with Premier Sports
Premier Sports
+ newspaper club (lunchtime)
What’s been happening in Week 2?
In Celebration Praise on Monday, we congratulated…
Stars of the Week:
Alex and Alexis
and cross country
Alexis, Betty, Euan, George, Isla, Olivia, Oliver M, Rebecca
Ben, Charlie, Delilah, Ebonie, Evie, Flora, Imogen, Isobel, Laila, Luke, Monty, Poppy
Ali, Charlie, Eden, Isobel, Jimi, Lara, Luke, Poppy, Thomas S
Alex, Charlotte, Chelsea, Jemima, Laura, Maya, Robert, Winnie
Ben, Delilah, Ebonie, Flora, Laila, Megan, Poppy, Scarlet
Triple Crown:  Alex, Giles, Kaitlyn, Laura, Toby
Double Crown: Laura, Toby
Outside of school successes
Ben – football player of the week for his team *
Delighted to learn that two of our past pupils passed their driving tests recently – Natasha Thrippleton and Harry Sandford – very well done to you!  Watch out world!
Mrs Robinson and Mrs Kempton visited Rainbow Class to answer questions about their childhood toys and games.
Mr Cave visited to share his new sports venture with the children – see leaflets re activities in Glastonbury
Rainbow children enjoyed their first curriculum swim on Friday. The first week is an opportunity for the staff to assess their swimming ability in order to sort them into the most appropriate groups. Once your child has achieved certain levels of swimming, they will be awarded with a certificate in Celebration Praise. Please note if your child attends out of school swimming lessons, they may be in a different group for school swimming. The qualified swimming staff who lead the school swimming will ascertain the level for the school’s swimming sessions and they will assess when children are ready to move to a different group.
At cross country, the thick mud did not stop our fabulous, joyful runners from giving their all and, as always, parent support was much appreciated. Thanks in particular to Sarah David.  Just look at those beautiful, ecstatic faces relishing the challenge!  We are very lucky to have such an active community learning partnership, which offers such a breadth of sporting activities and opportunities.  Let’s hope that these young people are developing a life-long love of sport and the outdoors.
Thank you to the small group of parents who attended the maths workshop on Monday evening, which we hope was informative and helpful. 
The team really enjoyed sharing information with those parents, whilst at the same time felt disappointed and frustrated because they had expected a much larger turn-out and had put a lot of effort into preparing for the evening.  We know that supporting your children at home is tricky for many reasons, but we imagine that having some idea and knowledge of how they are taught and what they need to be able to do, would be helpful.  Workshops which started at 6.00 pm have previously proved popular, so please let us know preferred timings to help us organise similar events in the future.
If you are keen to learn more, a good place to start is the CLP calculation policy, which identifies the progression steps for each yeargroup as they move through the school.  This document was created jointly by teachers from the Huish schools.  Please visit the school website to view this and other policies (school documents tab - policies).
Our school’s value is honesty and Rainbow Class led worship this week with a story called ‘A Tissue of Lies’, which was all about a little girl called Chloe, who found herself telling one fib after another and how she managed to make everything better in the end by being honest.  Our children were able to advise her to tell the truth.
As always, it was lovely to welcome the Open the Book Team to school for Collective Worship – this week’s story was the Wise Men and their decision not to return via King Herod on their return home after visiting baby Jesus.  As usual, the children enjoyed being a part of the story.
l  Your help is needed to put a stop to a rash of upset tummy bugs.  If your child has an unset tummy causing them to have a loose stool, a reminder they should be off school for at least 48 hours after the last movement, longer if needed. Please also talk to your child in the mornings to check they are well as sometimes, in the hectic time before school, the warning signs slip under the radar. Throughout the day, we encourage regular hand washing and use of the hand sanitizers.
l  Young Voices There are 02 Tickets in the school office that need to be signed for and collected. A reminder for those parents/carers/guests who require transport to the 02 - please make payment via parentmail as transport payments must be made before the event.
l  After school clubs require a minimum of 8 members to run - so please ensure that once signed up, your child knows they are to attend every week unless ill.  We are very lucky that during the school days there are now newspaper, knitting, homework and book clubs.
For those booking summer holidays, you will be interested to note that school will be closed on Monday 3 September and Tuesday 4 September.
The first day of the Autumn Term 2018 will be Wednesday, 5 September.
The remaining three INSET days will be confirmed soon.
Hope you had a great weekend
best wishes Team CM