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SIAMS inspection focuses on the effect that the Christian ethos of the church school has on the children and young people who attend it. The principal objective of SIAMS inspection is to evaluate the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the school as a church school.
Towards this objective, inspectors seek answers to four key questions.
  • How well does the school, through its distinctive Christian character, meet the needs of all learners?
  • What is the impact of collective worship on the school community?
  • How effective is the Religious Education? (in VA schools and academies)
  • How effective are the leadership and management of the school as a church school?


The key findings of the report were:

  • Christian values that permeate all areas of school life
  • Inclusiviity and value of all as unique individuals
  • Exemplary care and nuture of the pupils by all staff of the school
  • The school is a central part of the village community and is well supported at events and worship

A full copy of the report can be found below.

Cutcombe SIAMS Report




 The key findings of the report were:

  • Collective Worship is seen as a really important part of the school day
  • Worship [takes place in] a variety of settings
  • Children enjoy putting their name on the prayer tree.
  • Parents enjoy the opportunities to join their children in worship both in church and at school
A full copy of the report can be found below.