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BBC School Report



 16th March 2017  

Fairlands Middle School BBC News School Report students have spent many terms investigating different stories to form their report.

After much deliberation in choosing a topic to research, it was finally decided to make it a whole school decision through a student vote. The winning topic was "A day in the life of a Middle School".

The students felt that Middle Schools are so unique and do a great job in the local community that they wanted to showcase what they have to offer.

The whole project has been student led with minimal teacher input. All interviews, conduct and filming have been the students choice.

I hope you find it as engaging and interesting as they have.

I am extremely proud of each individual and what they have achieved through commitment and hard-work to make such a successful report.

Miss I C Brewster

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6th January 2017  'Homework Debate' 


Fairlands Middle School's latest broadcast addresses the "Homework Debate". The team were interested to find out different results from each year group, teachers and parents so they undertook various types of research to assist their project. The year five focus was that of 'what subject regularly set homework', the year six focus was on 'emotions related to completion of homework', year seven 'the time spent completing each homework' and year eight 'emotions related to homework being set'. Many students felt angry and upset when homework was set, but when it was completed relief and satisfaction prevailed. Findings show that homework was more often than not set to consolidate learning and develop independent educational skills in the core subjects. The homework debate still continues. Stay tuned for future broadcasts.  Fairlands BBC News School Report team.


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