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The teaching staff of the school are fully committed in their professional work on behalf of pupils, parents, carers and the wider community, in raising standards within the school. In so doing, they are superbly aided by a range of ‘Support Staff’. All staff bring a great deal of professionalism in their approach to the education and welfare of the children under our care and and undertake a wide variety of roles within the school which help the teachers to deliver the curriculum in the most effective way. Many of these tasks will enable the teaching staff to more fully concentrate on the planning and assessment of learning.
It is very likely that your child will have a number of adults involved in their lessons through out the week. Whilst not all of these will be trained teachers, their contribution to your child’s education is substantial. They all have access to approved training and professional development. The responsibility for your child’s education in the classroom context will always be that of the class teacher. The Headteacher has the responsibility to ensure that all staff are sufficiently well trained and skilled to deliver the curriculum.
We are very fortunate at Greenfylde to have a very well qualified and skilled group of support staff working with the children, and we hope that their contribution to teaching and learning through out the school is recognized.
We sincerely hope that you will work with us within a true partnership in the education of your child, and that you will find the teaching and support staff approachable and supportive to you. If you wish to know more about the staffing structure of the school, please see the relevent section in the prospectus or talk to the Headteacher.

Teaching Staff



Reception teacher job share with Laura Caines
Reception Class Teacher
Reception teacher and Music subject co-leader
Year 4 teacher and sport subject co-leader
Year 3 Teacher and PE subject lead
Year 2 Teacher and ICT subject Lead
Reception Class Teacher and Geography Subject Lead
Teaches across the school and Music Subject Lead
Year 4 Teacher and Drama Subject Lead
Year 2 Teacher and Engineering Subject lead
Year 2 teacher and Science subject lead
Year 1 Teacher
Year 3 teacher and MFL lead
Headteacher and Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Deputy Head and Safeguarding Lead
Key Stage 2 leader and teaches in Year 3/4. She also co-ordinates Maths across the school.
Leads the teaching in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception children) and works closely with the local pre-schools


Teaching Staff    
Headteacher: Claire Oaten
Deputy Headteacher: Andrea Jones - intervention teaching
Lucy Aggett - Year 2
Simon Ashdown -Year 3
Laura Caines - Year R
Adam Cashmore - Year 2
Anne Dillon - teaching across school
Laura Collins - Year 3/4
Katie Green - Year 1
Jodie Hann - Year 1
Claire Harris - Year R
Kerry Lewis - SENCO
Ariana Linthorne - Year R
George Musgrave - Year 4
Winifred Nakayama - Year 3
Charley Woodley - Year R
Sian Sainsbury - Year 4
Natalie Snelson- Year R
Jack Yard -Year 1/2




School Business Manager
Rebecca Horne
School Administrator
Tina Vallelly
Receptionist/Finance Assistant
Lisa Souster

Support Staff


Learning Support Assistant
Learning Support Assistant and Cleaner
LSA and Cleaner
Learning Support Assistant
Learning Support Assistant and Breakfast Club Lead
Learning Support Assistant
Learning Support Assistant and HLTA
Learning Support Assistant
Learning Support Assistant Medical needs
Learning Support Assistant and HLTA
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
1:1 Support
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Learning Support Assistant and HLTA
Learning Support Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Learning Support
School Business Manager
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisor
Learning Support
Learning Support
Learning Support
Learning Support
Learning Support
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 Learning Support Staff


Karen Aplin
Lucie Arnold
Emma Baker
Jean Brittain
Jessica Cox
Angela Crouch
Corinne Charles​
Dominique Done
Sarah Foster
Vernon Higgins 
Hannah Jackson
Nicky Munro
Natalie Quinton
Cars Panter
Julie Patmore 
Sam Robbins
Sarah Rogers
Nicky Samways
Clare Strickland
Jackie Turnock
Kate Withers





Jean Brittain
Keiko Gardner
Deborah Hallett
Vernon Higgins
Jana Lyszyk
Katherine Montague
Katie Muxworthy
Jackie Osborne

Cara Panter
Nicky Samways
Jackie Turnock
Marie Ward