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Somerset Music Tuition
The children learn a variety of instruments which are loaned to us by the Somerset Music Service. Our children have learned the ukulele and the clarinet over the last 2 years and are currently learning their music through playing the Samba Drums. The children learn the basics of music as well as how to play some popular songs. Every year we hold a popular concert so that the children can perform what they have learned. You can see how much they enjoy this!
Replacement Reeds are available from the school office for £1.50
We pay £1 per child per lesson for 2 terms in 3 terms of tuition as the third term is free to us. To help pay for this, we ask our parents for donations when they come to our Annual Music Concert in the summer term, when the children show off their skills. The Friends then help us by paying the difference.
We feel that all our children benefit from learning to play an instrument. They learn that self –discipline is needed for practice time; that perseverance is needed to get better and they learn that they will succeed if they try.
Every other year, we take part in the South Somerset Music Spectacular, when all the schools in the area get together to perform in front of hundreds of parents!
Other Music Provision
We have 2 other music teachers.
Dermot James teaches drums on a Friday morning.
This is £8.33 for a 20 minute lesson on our electronic drum set.
Chris Edmunds teaches key board and guitar on a Friday afternoon.
This is £8.00 for a 20 minute lesson.
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