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Teaching Staff​
Mr Phil Smith  
I am very proud to be your Headteacher and serve the community of Haselbury Plucknett. I am also Headteacher of Merriott School and both schools have entered a learning partnership with which I am Executive Headteacher of. I am passionate about learning and believe that our children need to have access to a wide range of learning experiences to help them reach their full potential 
Mrs Julie Daley
Catkins Class  
Julie Daley.bmp 
I have been a teacher for 36 years in total, with 12 years of that at this school.  As the teacher of the Foundation Stage at the school, my favourite time of year is September when we have a new intake of children to welcome.  The school is of a size that everyone knows each other meaning children can settle in quickly.
Mrs Mary McSparron
Hazel Class 
 Mary McSparron.bmp
I have worked at the school for 17 years, although I have been a teacher for some 30 years altogether!  The atmosphere of the school, the pupils, parents and staff is so positive and friendly.  The great attitude of the children  towards their learning makes all the subjects fun to teach but I do enjoy practical lessons and to see a child absorbed in a book is simply magical.
Mrs Judith Thorne
Catkins Class
  jude thorne.jpg
I have taught in several local schools and now joined Haselbury Plucknett First School.  I enjoy seeing the children learn and grow together and I especially look forward to all the activities around Christmas time.  A small school gives everyone a chance to share and work together. 
Education Support Staff
Mrs Karen Harris
Catkins Class             
Karen Harris.bmp 
I have been a Teaching Assistant with the school for 2 years.  My favourite subject with the children is art - I do enjoy watching them grow in skills and succeed in all the subject areas.  The school has small year groups meaning that the children are consequently very supportive of each other.
Mrs Lorna Duckett
Catkins Class
 I will have been a TA for 2 years in June 2015.  I enjoy seeing the children progress, particularly the Year 4’s as they reflect on their time here and all of their achievements.  Working with the children with activities such as art, cooking or outdoor studies (which we call Haselden) is always great fun.
​Mrs Lisa Wakeman
Hazel Class  
In the 8 years I have worked as a Teaching Assistant, I have been lucky enough to work with all classes, from FS through to year 4. This has given me good experience and insight into the variety of learning styles of our fortunate children. It's great to be part of this close knit school and my favourite time of year is the summer term. The FS are really settled and the year 4's are getting ready to move on. I enjoy art, cookery and literacy. 
Mrs Kirsten Bryant
Hazel Class
I have been working as a Learning Support Assistant in Hazel Class since the beginning of September 2016.  I am also mum to Daniel in Year 2 and to Tess and Grace who are now at Maiden Beech.  Some years ago I was a Class Teacher in Devon and it is really great to be back working in a school.  Helping children to learn and make progress is hugely important to me and Haselbury Plucknett School is such a lovely place for that learning to happen.
​Other Support Staff
​Mrs Sharon Channing
School Secretary
 Sharon Channing3.JPG
I am proud to be the school secretary, a post which I am very new to,  although I have spent many years connected with the school with my own children.  I love the mornings when everyone arrives, the chat in the playground and the help I can provide for parents.  It is a little school with a big heart.
​Julia Fisher
Finance Officer
Due to start 10/01/17
Mr Fred Obern
I have been the Caretaker of the school for some 6 years now.  Looking after the school means I get to meet lots of people all the time.   I think the school offers great opportunities for learning especially all of the After – school – Clubs even if they interrupt my cleaning schedule!
Midday Superviser
​Mrs Cindy Cooper      

I have worked at the school for 3 years as a Lunchtime Supervisor.  I am glad to be part of this small village school, a school which has the time to do the best for each child.  The school is bursting with new activities which constantly change as we move through the seasons and each term.
Midday Superviser
& Early Risers Club 
Mrs Karen Doble  
 I run the Early Risers Club and supervise at midday.  I see the children twice a day and enjoy seeing them grow in confidence as they make friends and learn to socialise.  I do particularly enjoy the build up to Christmas, the Nativity Play.  A small village school means we have an inclusive and supportive school community.
Midday Superviser
Mrs Debera Childs
 I am pretty new to the role of a Lunchtime Supervisor.  I have enjoyed getting to know the children and watching them enjoy their breaktimes, especially out on the sports field.  It really does feel like a big happy family with everyone striving to do their best for each child.