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 We have a thriving PTA who run an amazing number of events throughout the year - see the annual calander for more details. Each week there is a section in the 'Weekly Bulletin' which tells you about their latest events and the amounts they have rasied. In the last few years they have paid for a classroom to be converted, a set of mini ipads, outdoor play equipment as well as a range of special treats for the children.


PTA Members: 

Sue Heywood - Chair
Emma Purchase - Vice Chair
Ann-Marie Goudswaard and Lisa Whtening - Joint Secretary
Kelly Hounsell - Treasurer
Emma Purchase - Vice Chair
Rose Smoldon
Lisa Horwell
Selina Mumford
Kiersty Andrews
Sarah Trevithick
Danielle Westmoreland
Chiggy Little
Charlie Blotheridge
Nicky Westphal
Zoe Pellow
Amy Drewitt
Tori Higgins
Liberty Millard
Leeson Antrobus
Marie Allen
Liz Brading

Reception (Ash): Liz and Ann-Marie
Year 1 (Cedar): Nicky and Lisa
Year 2 (Elm): Danielle and Rose
Year 3 (Maple):  Marie and Kelly
Year 4 (Oak):  Kiersty and Kelly
Year 5 (Apple): Sarah
Year 6 (Willow): Sue and Danielle

Contact details:
Sue Heywood - 07973 519871 -
Rose Smoldon - 07967 350326 - 01458 259678
Kelly Hounsell - 07779 799978 -
Class Reps:
Reception (Ash): Charlie Fields and Lisa Whiteing
Fundraising Links:
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