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Our E-Safety Policy

Please see the E-Safety Policy for our school.

Further Links

Click on the links below for help and advice on using the internet safely at home:

Vodaphone Digital Parenting Guide

UK Safer Internet Centre Parents' Guide to Technology

e-Learning and Information Management Education Technology Parents page

 Click on the Link for the NSPCC Keeping Children Safe on Online website

The following document contains links to different pages of the NSPCC/O2 Online Safey Website.

 Links to NSPCC Online Safety Advice.pdfLinks to NSPCC Online Safety Advice.pdf


Congratulations go to Kingston St Mary C of E Primary School who achieved e-safety accreditation on 3rd July 2015.  Their ongoing commitment to embedding e-safety throughout the life of the school was identified; together with the empowerment of learners to share the responsibility to keep themselves and others safe.

Our Digital Leaders 2017/18

Safer Internet Day 2018


E-safety Workshops – Bigfoot
Everyone enjoyed taking part and found it great fun.

Quotes from YR5/6 children.


FB – “I enjoyed the games.”
HW – “The man was really funny and made the games fun.”
AP – “It was really fun and a nice way to learn about e-safety.”
FM – “It was great fun & Duncan involved everyone.”
MTR – “I really enjoyed it.”
BF – “It was fun.”
SH – “It wasn’t just serious talking, there were fun games, as well.  We learnt a lot about e-safety and how not to trust people on-line.”
WG – “It was interesting.”
CH – “Duncan made us play lots of games and explained things easily.  It was learning made fun.”
AS – “We were given some good advice about staying safe on-line.”
JH – “It was really fun.”
RG – “I was excited to take part.”
AH – “It was really interesting how he linked the games to e-safety topics.”