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The PTFA Committee - What We Do

Our Facebook Page: Kingston St Mary Primary School PTFA

By joining the school you automatically become members of the PTFA (Parents, Teachers and Friends Association), and we are the committee of parents and teachers who meet to make decisions on how we can provide fundraising and social events.  Our main aim is to fundraise to provide our children with items and experiences that the school budget would not be able to provide easily.  We also hold events to allow families to socialise.

During the last school year we had some fantastic events and made a lot of money - through our First Friday cake sales, quiz night, craft fair at Christmas, school calendar and our summer fair, to name but a few.  The majority of this money went toward the fantastic new play area, but also other items that make a different to our children's learning experience, such as iPads for the classrooms, improving the library area, and donations toward school trips.  We really hope that this school year will be just as successful.

We always appreciate feedback and new ideas for our fundraising.  If you have any, please let us know - and if you would like to be more involved we would very much welcome you on the committee.  We meet about twice a term, and always make time for a bit of a social too.

You can also help to support us by making your desktop home page.  With purchases online we will receive a donation, if you register.  Just search for our school - Kingston St Mary Primary School - on the home page.


How do I join the committee?

Please complete the form on the newsletter and hand into the office (via your child's book bag), or you can come along and complete a form on the night of our AGM.  You don't need anyone to nominate - we can do that!

What if I can't make all the meetings?

A full committee at meetings makes things easier but it really doesn't matter; we always provide prompt minutes for all committee members, to keep communication clear.

When and where are the meetings?

We usually hold them on a weekday evening, but are willing to be flexible to meet everyone's needs.  They are approximately twice a term.  We meet in the Pavilion on KSM playing field.

If I join, is there a set time I have to stay on the committee?

Some of us have been on for years (it's a bit addictive), but there are no rules.  If you find it too much there is no commitment to stay.  Some people do a year, take a year off, and join again later.

I don't want a big role, but want to get involved - can I still join?

Yes, definitely.  We welcome everyone, as we find all members have good ideas and many hands make light work.

I don't want to join the committee, but would like to help out - is that possible?

When we have events and fundraisers we always need extra people to make the event run smoothly.  We have a key organiser who would welcome help.  If you let us know you are keen and the sort of thing you like to do we will make sure we let you know what we are planning.

What sort of events do you hold?

Every 'First Friday' in the month (term time only) the school have a coffee and reading event that is open to the community.  We as a committee provide the refreshments, and rely on cake donations from parents.  This is done on a class rota.  We also do refreshments for school events, jumble sales, quizzes, disco (for the children), plus we hold stalls at various village events.  Our biggest (and the one where we need most help from all of you) is the Summer Fair, which is in the summer term.

How do you choose what to fundraise for?

We always have a teacher at our meetings, and they ask the committee to raise money for a particular item/event.  We recently spent a significant amount of our fund on the new play area and iPads for the school, which will benefit each and every child.

What and when is your next event?

See details of all our planned events in the PTFA Newsletter that is sent our every other Friday with the school newsletter.

How do I know who the committee members are?

The best thing to do is to ask someone in the playground.  They will point one of us out to you.

If you have any other questions - please ask!