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Goal 1:


ACHIEVEMENT & QUALITY OF TEACHING: To engage lifelong successful learners through an innovative, creative and dynamic curriculum where excellence is everyone’s goal.


Our short term foci will be reading, marking and homework and our long term goal will be to define a vision of the essential skills of life and learning which “ a successful learner will need in 2020”.

We will be successful if: -
  • We develop a rich reading culture where the teaching of reading is inspirational and highly effective, cohesively planned and implemented across the curriculum
  • Children make rapid and sustained progress in reading, they read widely and often, across all subjects.
  • We narrow the gap between the achievement of girls and boys in reading and writing so that by July 2015 the Average Point Score difference between boys and girls is less than 1.0 in Reading and 2.0 in Writing. (Over the last 3 years average difference has been 1.9 in Reading & 3.33 in Writing) (Equality Objective 2)
  • All able readers and writers (those who achieve Level 3 at Y2), particularly boys, achieve a secure Level 4 in Year 4 by 2014.
  • All children reach age-related expectations in reading by 2014.
  • Homework is matched to individual needs and provides an opportunity for children to share their learning at home.
  • ICT is used effectively and innovatively to inspire and engage.
  • High quality marking and feedback ensures that children know their next steps to learning and how they can improve.
  • We promote the confidence and engagement of parents and carers in their children’s learning.
  • Staff & pupils reflect on teaching and learning, learn from others and continue to develop a shared, creative curiosity in learning.
  • We define a vision of the essential skills of life and learning which “ a successful learner will need in 2020” and begin to embed these within our creative curriculum, planning and teaching.
  • We raise the attainment of School Action Children so that their attainment exceeds National Data by July 2014. (Equality Objective 3)





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