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Goal 2:


BEHAVIOUR & SAFETY: to nurture a safe, sustainable, cohesive and inclusive learning community in which every child can develop as an individual, acquiring the skills, values, knowledge and understanding that they will need in their lives ahead.


Our short-term foci will be our OPAL play project, achieving the 360°Safe Mark, the Green Flag Eco Award and promoting cultural development and understanding and our long term goal will be, as for Goal 1 above, to define a vision of the essential skills of life and learning which “ a successful learner will need in 2020”.

We will be successful if: -
  • Children make effective and sustainable links with and engender an understanding of other communities in UK, Europe and the World.
  • We promote cultural development and understanding through a rich range of experiences both within and beyond school (Equality Objective 1).
  • Children understand very clearly unsafe situations, including e-safety, and are highly aware of how to keep themselves and others safe
  • Children learn to understand others and to value diversity whilst also promoting shared values, to promote awareness of human rights and responsibilities and to apply and defend them, and to develop the skills of participation and responsible action.
  • Behaviour in lessons and in the playground is outstanding. Incidents recorded in Mrs Tommey’s Unhappy Book are reduced by 50% by 2013-14. Children take a pride in school and this is reflected in their conduct, manners and punctuality.
  • Our whole school community plays an integral role in school improvement (community cooks, gardeners, readers, role models, entrepreneurs, creative partners, historians, scientists….).





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