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Goal 3:


LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT: - To reflect on & review our Strategic Plan and develop a 2020 Vision for Rode Methodist First School


Success criteria: -

Effective self-evaluation against our five original goals within the areas ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, SUSTAINABLE FUTURES and PARTNERSHIPS BEYOND THE CLASSROOM from our Strategic Plan 2008-13 will lead us to the identification of a new 5 year strategic plan, our “2020 vision” for Rode Methodist First School.   Our Vision will include a plan to harness new technologies innovatively and creatively into 2020. This will not mean focusing on individual technologies but on what we want technology to do for us.

We will be successful if we:-

  • Improve children’s achievement through using ICT in new and creative ways which encourages effective communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.
  • Equip our children with the essential skills of life and learning to become agile and adept in the world and workplace of the 21st Century.
  • Support parents in the cultural change needed to share and understand our vision.
  • Safeguard our children and teach them how to be safe on-line.
  • Achieve best value by linking with other schools both locally and globally for resources, training, teaching and learning.
  • Provide systems which support existing business processes (e.g. SIMS) and to improve others (e.g. Governance and communication with parents)
  • Share our vision with our FCLP feeder schools to ensure smooth transitions and compatibility of technologies for our children throughout their education.





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