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Governors – Questions and Answers.
Q. What is a Governing Body?
A. The Governing body consists of a group of interested people, some of which are employed by the school and others are volunteers.
The head teacher and the management team run the school on a day-to-day basis, the strategic direction of the school is shared with the governors.
Strategic responsibilities (which are defined in law) include:
    • Being accountable for the performance of the school
    • Planning the future direction of the school
    • Promoting high standards of educational achievement
    • Setting targets for pupil achievement
    • Taking general responsibility for the conduct of the school
    • Managing the schools budget, including key staffing decisions
    • Making sure the curriculum is balanced, broadly based and complies with legal requirements
    • Making sure that the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special educational needs
    • Drawing up and action plan after inspection by OFSTED (the Office for Standards in Education)
As Norton St Phillip is a Church of England school, there is also a responsibility to help preserve and develop the schools Christian character.
In March 2016, following a consultation process, the Board of Governors of Norton St Philip First School and the Board of Governors of Rode Methodist First School hard federated under a single governing body. Federation is the name given to a way of bringing schools closer together. It means that a single leadership and administration team, working with one governing body, manage both schools.
The Federation between Norton St Philip VA Church of England and Rode Methodist VC First Schools will ensure the provision of strong leadership, together with continued and sustained high quality learning and development opportunities for current and future pupils at both of our rural village schools. The Federation will allow each school to retain its own individual identity and character formed over the last 150 years within the context of their individual communities.
Q. What do the Governors do?
A. The formal work and decision making of the governing body is undertaken at meetings (2 per term). There is also delegated groups and committees who undertake specific tasks e.g. the finance committee.
Governors have specific interests e.g. SEN, curriculum subjects, health & welfare, finance.
Governors visit the school during the school day and make sure that there is evidence of the school delivering its School Delivery Plan (SDP). These visits are generally undertaken by two governors at each visit and are reported to the full board of governors at the next meeting.
The governing board has the following core functions:
Establishing the strategic direction, by:
-       Setting the vision, values, and objectives for the school
-       Agreeing the school improvement strategy with priorities and targets
-       Meeting statutory duties
Ensuring accountability, by:
-       Appointing the headteacher
-       Monitoring progress towards targets
-       Performance managing the headteacher
-       Engaging with stakeholders
-       Contributing to school self-evaluation
Ensuring financial probity, by:
-       Setting the budget
-       Monitoring spending against the budget
-       Ensuring value for money is obtained
-       Ensuring risks to the organisation are managed
Q. Who are our Governors?
A. Rode and Norton St Philip School federation Governor Information  
Q. What is our Future Vision?
Q. What happens at our Governors' meetings
September 2017  Agenda and minutes
October 2017       Agenda and minutes
November 2017  Agenda and minutes
December 2017  Agenda and minutes
January 2018     Agenda
February 2018   
March 2018        
April 2018             


To contact the Governing Board:
All correspndence should be sent to Mrs Sam Nicol, Clerk to the Governors at the school or by e-mail: