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May 27
Otter Team Photos 3

DSC_0305 (002).JPGIMG_0171.JPGIMG_0173.JPGIMG_0177.JPGIMG_0182.JPGIMG_0185.JPGIMG_0186.JPGIMG_0187.JPGIMG_0189 (1).JPGIMG_0192 (1).JPGIMG_0196.JPGIMG_0183.jpgIMG_0199.JPGIMG_0200 (1).JPGIMG_0201.JPGIMG_0204.JPGIMG_0206.JPGIMG_0210.JPGIMG_0212.JPGIMG_0220.JPGIMG_0222.JPGIMG_0225.JPGIMG_0228.JPGIMG_0229.JPGIMG_0232.JPGIMG_0233.JPGIMG_0237.JPGIMG_0250.JPGIMG_0251.JPGIMG_0253.JPGIMG_0257.JPGIMG_0262.JPGIMG_0265.JPGIMG_0266.JPGIMG_0267.JPGIMG_0269.JPGIMG_0270.JPGIMG_0271.JPGIMG_0273.JPGIMG_0275.JPGIMG_0277.JPGIMG_0287.JPGIMG_0288.JPGIMG_0293.JPGIMG_0297.JPGIMG_0298.JPGIMG_0300.JPGIMG_0301.JPGIMG_0302.JPGIMG_0306.JPGIMG_0310.JPGIMG_0311.JPG

May 27
Magpie Team Photos 3

DSC_0312 (002).JPGIMG_0078.JPGIMG_0087.JPGIMG_0101.JPG



May 27
Last day blues.....

Last day blues…….. we have just completed our final day at Mill on the Brue 2016

The morning kicked off with a whole school team challenge assault course, the children competed in their teams to work their way down the giants toilet, down the fireman’s pole and through the car wash and Dylan’s Bath.  Team Morgan completed the challenge the quickest (they had fewer team members!) but all the teams were within the time frame and only seconds apart.
Later that morning, Team Waterhouse took part in the zip wire challenge, all the children managed to stand on the platform and hang independently and most zipped their way across the River Brue to the other side.   We then moved on to the lunch hall and todays menu consisted of lasagne, garlic bread and salad followed by sticky toffee cake and custard.  Team Waterhouse demolished their dinner and then headed to the climbing wall.  The children worked together to climb the wall and most reached the top!  We then moved on to the crate stacking area with Team Morgan.  The team needed to stack the crates and create a step and platform on which to stand.   The afternoon sun meant a quick change into shorts and T-shirts (and sun-cream!) and then we headed off for a snack and a drink. 
The great egg race ended the afternoon session and all of the children worked in their teams to shoot an air rocket from one side of the river to other.  We then went into the woods to sit around our home made camp fires to cook our eggs, during the cooking process, the children were challenged to present a short production to the team leaders.  Each team had only a few minutes to put on a short show for the others to judge.  Team Waterhouse won this challenge as their joke telling skills were top notch! (What do you call a footballer who carries round a tissue all day?  A dribbler!!!-thanks Maxwell)
We then made our way into the dinner hall for our final meal of camp-jacket potatoes, home made coleslaw, cheese or beans and salad.
 The children then made their way back to their rooms to change for the evenings disco!  Glittery shoes, dresses and jumpsuits, jeans and shirts and an abundance of hair gel later; all the children danced the night away at the disco.  The tuck shop money was spent and the children were exhausted and ready for bed.  Team Waterhouse had a final goodnight from Mrs Waterhouse and a quick chat about wanting to stay a second week and soon all were sleeping soundly… what a super week spent with super children. 
After the assault course Team Morgan and Team Vowell got to cool off with the water slide.  As the 50 metres of slide unfurled the sun came out from the clouds and the children were able to appreciate just how cold the water spray really was!  By the third slide the children had perfected the technique for the perfect descent with some children preferring speed over grace, while others preferred the more leisurely slide!
Team Slade and Team Vowell took the Crate Stack challenge. A race to see who could get the highest. Our teamwork and organisational skills were pushed to the max but the clear winners held on to each other for support. Well done Ella and William P, you were amazing. The climbing wall proved to be a challenge to many – no problems getting up, Ayla did it in 50 seconds but the challenge came getting back down. Arthur was an expert and showed skill and agility. Our highlight tonight was the disco. Glittery shoes were a must! Best dance moves went to Freyja and Amelie N, they could give Miss Manifold a few tips!
Team Morgan joined Team Vowell for the water slide and Team Waterhouse for the crate stack. The water slide was a definite favourite with some amazing expressions when being sprayed with cold water. After lunch we zipped over the beautiful country side on the zip wire, despite a few nerves everyone had a go and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We then joined team Waterhouse stacking crates to the heavens. The most enjoyable part for most was falling off and swinging around in their harnesses. All the teams then got back together for The Great Egg Race. Finally, Disco fever took over and the children strutted their stuff before collapsing in their beds for their finally night away.


What an amazing week we’ve had, we’re so proud of all the children they’ve overcome fears, tried new challenges and just been such good fun to spend a week with. We are incredibly proud of you all and of what you have achieved throughout the week.  You worked so well together in your teams and the way you encouraged each other was inspiring. We’re now looking forward to our last term before the well-deserved summer holidays.

A final big thankyou from Mrs Tommey to all our fabulous staff team, Mrs Davis, Mrs Waterhouse, Mrs Morgan, Mrs Vowell and of course Mrs Slade, for making this week so memorable and successful. The care you have shown to each and every one of the children is truly amazing. Thank you!


May 26
Squirrel Team Photos 2



May 26
Swallow Team Ohotos 2




May 26
Otter Team Photos 2


May 26
Magpie Team Photos 2

DSC_0312 (002).JPG

May 26
Swallow Team photos

DSC_0308.JPGDSC_0009.jpgDSC_0027.jpgDSC_0036.jpgDSC_0050.jpgDSC_0051.jpgthumb_DSC_0054_1024.jpgthumb_DSC_0056_1024.jpgthumb_DSC_0058_1024.jpgthumb_DSC_0060_1024.jpgthumb_DSC_0062_1024.jpgthumb_DSC_0063_1024.jpgthumb_DSC_0064_1024.jpgthumb_DSC_0069_1024.jpgthumb_DSC_0074_1024.jpgthumb_DSC_0078_1024.jpgthumb_DSC_0082_1024.jpgthumb_DSC_0085_1024.jpgthumb_DSC_0088_1024 (1).jpgthumb_DSC_0093_1024.jpg


May 26
Squirrel Team Photos


May 26
Otter Team photos

DSC_0305 (002).JPGIMG_0022.JPGIMG_0021.JPGIMG_0027.JPGIMG_0028.JPGIMG_0030.JPGIMG_0031.JPGIMG_0033.JPGIMG_0248.JPGIMG_0116.JPGIMG_0264.JPG

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