Fundamental British Values


British Values are Christian Values




We have a school council who are voted in by the children


     Pupils vote for their House captains


We ensure all pupils are listened to by adults


    During the last election (2015) year 6 children formed their own political parties. They wrote and presented their party’s manifesto to the school. We built a ballot box and the         whole school voted for the party whose manifesto they supported. The winning party ‘Ruled the School’ for one day and will hand over their manifesto to be carried out by a new       year 6 team next academic year – succession planning!






·         We create “class rules”


·         We have a clear behaviour policy that is explained to all


·         We highlight the rules of the Church and God in the RE curriculum, for example the 10 commandments


·         We invite members of the local community, including the police service, into school to share experiences, help us understand English law and appreciate right from wrong. We are fortunate that our Chair of Governors is Assistant Chief of Police for South Wales.


·         We teach about the rule of law through topic work including WW11. We study leaders’ speeches and how they influence people. We look at English Law and democracy and the influence Britain has had and continues to have around the world.






·         Encourage students to be independent in their learning


·         Provide students with opportunities for reflection on their own vocation (work on vocation and mission)


·        E-Safety lessons and PSHE teach children how to exercise their rights and personal freedom safely




Our school mission statement is inclusive: “We will do this by:
providing a rich and varied curriculum that encourages every child to achieve their fullest potential, visibly loving life, loving one another and loving God, striving for excellence in all that we do, welcoming children from all faiths and backgrounds.”


Constantly promoting respect for others as good manners – House points are awarded not just for work and effort but also for good conduct.


We have an effective anti-bullying policy


We support charitable works: CAFOD, Red Nose Day, Children in Need, CLIC Sargent etc







In RE units on other religions and through assemblies, we have a strong focus on learning about and understanding the beliefs of others and accepting them


Through stories in the Bible, the children are taught that Jesus encouraged tolerance in stories such as The Good Samaritan




Emphasising in RE and PSHE lessons that every person is unique and “created in the image of God”


Having active educational links with other schools (St Gregory’s, Norton Hill, Downside and links through sport with many local schools)