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Welcome to Pegasus Class


Year 3




3840x2400 Wallpaper pegasus, horse, wings

Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek Mythology, was involved in some of the most intriguing tales of the times.


From his birth to his death, Pegasus represented power, wisdom and remained a mysterious creature capable of everything. Symbolizing the divine inspiration or the journey to heaven, since riding him was synonymous to “flying” to the heavens.
Pegasus was represented as a goodhearted, gentle creature, somewhat naive but always eager to help.


For his service and loyalty, Zeus honored him with a special immortality turning Pegasus into a constellation on the last day of his life.
Class Mission Statement
In Year 3 our Mission is to follow in the footsteps of Jesus - to grow into kind, gentle, loving, helpful and generous children.
We feel that it is important that we have fun learning experiences to help us reach our full potential and that we must always try our best in all that we do, even when we are challenged.
We understand that working as a team will help us to achieve great things so we will work hard to develop and maintain good relationships with each other.
To achieve this we will:

Be kind, gentle, loving, helpful and generous children.
Always try our best in all that we do.
Work as a team.
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Autumn 2017
Our writing genre focus this term is myths.
We have been learning the ancient story of `Beowulf` and will be writing our own myths to complete the unit.
 untitled.pnguntitled 2.png 

Summer Term 2017

Plants and Animals



·         Study the parts of flowering plants & their functions, the conditions affecting plant growth & plants as living things.
·         Investigate how water is transported in plants.

·         Describe plant life cycles, in particular how seeds are formed, dispersed & germinate.


·         Find out about food groups & healthy balanced diets.
·         Study the human digestive system & how food is transported around the body.
·         Investigate skeletons & look closely at bones, joints & muscles & compare with animal skeletons.
·         Discover effects of exercise.



 ​Spring Term 2017

Click below for our topic web for this term
 'Warning' Story Writing

This term we have been learning the story of Blue Beard as part of our unit of `stories from another country.` Many of the well known fairy tales such as `Cinderella` originated from France.


Below is our story map.
 Persuasive Writing

 Pegasus class were outraged to receive a letter all the way from Paris courtesy of a Monsieur Dupont. He intends to build a pickled cornichon factory on the school field! The children had a think about his proposals and wrote a list of positives and negatives relating to his idea.they were eager to write back to him to share their views on his proposal.
Will they succeed in persuading him NOT to build on our school field? Only time will tell... 
On Thursday, a surprise package came in the form of two jars of pickles. Of course we had to taste them and we had fun writing our own reviews which were very varied.

cornichon delivery.jpg 


Autumn Term 2016

'Hands Only' CPR Workshop

Year 3 learnt some potentially 'life saving' skills courtesy of The British Heart Foundation and their Heartstart Initiative.three inspirational paramedics from South Western Ambulance Service provided some trainingon how to administer 'Hands Only CPR' to a person suffering from cardiac arrest. The children were very enthusiastic in their effortswhilst mastering the correct position and pressure needed for successful chest compressions. Hopefully, none of our children willever need to use their newly acquired skills, however, should a situation arise, they will be more than ready to save the day. Well done Year 3!  


Please click below for our curriculum map and welcome letter.

Topic web Autumn 2016 - Invaders and settlers (Anglo Saxons).pdfTopic web Autumn 2016 - Invaders and settlers (Anglo Saxons).pdf 

Pegasus Class Newsletter Sept 2016.docPegasus Class Newsletter Sept 2016.doc



Our focus so far this term has been place value. 

We have been busy ordering, comparing and partitioning numbers as well as placing numbers on an empty number line.




During our assembly on Thursday, 22nd September, Pegasus class talked about their hopes and dreams for the future.They presented some examples of how to change our learning mindset through roleplay. Pegasus class love to sing and gave a beautiful rendition of `let your spirit fly`.

Moving up day Summer 2016

We had great fun with the `spaghetti challenge`. The challenge was to see who could make the tallest free standing structure from spaghetti, tape and string. Some great team work was seen as well as fantastic problem solving skills. We were very impressed!





As we are constantly striving for higher standards with our writing, we have introduced a set of `non-negotiables` for writing. We expect the children to remember these every time they write and to check their work independently. If they need to edit, they can do so which is an important part of being accountable for their own learning. This will help the children to focus on their new writing targets to improve their writing even further.​

Non–negotiables in writing ​

Begin every sentence with a capital letter. 
Always punctuate the end of a sentence.
 Never start sentences with `and` or `because`.
 Always use a capital letter for `I`.
 All proper nouns should begin with capital letters.
  Writing must be clear and easy to read.
  Always check that your writing makes sense.

This term, we are focussing on handwriting in order that the children become more fluent and therefore are able to write their ideas down more quickly. Mr Williams and Mrs Butler are really impressed with the results over the last few weeks. When​ a child`s writing is joined up and fluent, they will receive a pen license to enable them to use a handwriting pen in their books. We look forward to presenting the first of these very soon.


Click below for  tips on how to help your child to practice spellings at home.