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​​School Council banner.


School Council Representatives:​
Y6 - Evie, Ed & Joey
Y5 - Macy & Sebastien
Y4 - Kezia & Rio
Y3 - Sadie & Isaac
Y2 - Daisy & Thomas
Y1 - Elerie & Sophia


Children's Anti-Bullying Policy

  1. Tell a teacher or another member of staff.
  2. Support your friend and walk away with them.
  3. Tell your parents what happened.
  4. Ignore the bully, then tell an adult.
  5. Be a better person and set a good example

School Council Blog

9.3.17 Today we discussed  the strengths of our school and areas for improvement. We all enjoyed our Outdoor Learning week which gave us lots of learning opportunities which we couldn't have had in the classroom. The new reading scheme books are really good and we are enjoying trying some meditation in class.  We had an interesting discussion on the value of homework.

30.11.16  We met to discuss our interview questions for prospective teachers. 

In our last meeting we started off by deciding on some important jobs for the Year 6 council members.  Finn took on the role of Chairperson, Will is Vice-Chair and I became the secretary.  We also entered the National Speaker's School Council Awards.  We had to describe a recent project that the school council has taken part in - and we wrote about our new playground equipment project.

In conclusion we decided to meet weekly on Tuesdays at 3pm and our next project is to design and deliver a questionnaire to all pupils about school life.


Don't forget to talk to your class members if you have any issues or problems you would like us to discuss.​

Food Waste

Food waste bins.School Councillors have been working in conjunction with Somerset Council to arrange for food waste to be collected.

Each class has their own food waste bin which they use every Thursday.  The class reps then take the food waste and dispose of it, ready for it to be collected by the Council every Tuesday.

Jo said, "We hope to recycle more food waste next year.  It is such a brilliant thing to do.  People don't realise what happens to their food when they put it in a black bag.  We need to get people recycling!

The school already recycles paper and card.  The Councillors hope to start using fruit peelings for composting in the 2013 summer term.


The School Council have worked hard on 3 projects: 

1.  To try to improve the pond area.

Pond area. 

2.  To move the vegetable beds from the KS2 quiet garden to the KS1 garden.

Vegetable beds.Click here to go to the Gardening Club Page

3.  To create a greenhouse using recycled bottles.

Recycled bottles greenhouse.

Jo explained what the School Council have been doing on these projects:

"We have finally decided to improve our pond area by putting decking around it; this will be done during May.  We are hoping this will expand our ability to explore pond habitats and animals, by allowing children to do fun and educational activities like pond dipping.

As for our plan on moving the vegetable beds from the KS2 quiet garden to the KS1 garden, this has been completely successful.  We decided to do this because after a while we realised our vegetables were not getting enough sunshine.  Our garden is now safe in KS1 and we are growing a huge variety of lovely vegetables."