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About the School

St Dubricius School is structured as follows:
Class 1 - Year R                            Teacher:     Mrs Alison Oakley (Deputy Head Teacher)
Class 2 - Years 1 & 2                    Teacher(s): Mrs Julia Burt
Class 3 - Years 3 & 4                    Teacher(s): Mrs Sue Flatley & Mr Mark Scyner
Our on-site Teacher-led (Local Authority Nursery) accommodates Nursery Years 1 & 2  Teacher: Mrs Lucy Walker-Blair

Our School Day

09.00 am     School Opens
09.15 am     Registration
09.18 am     Registration Closed (Late)
09.25 am     Registration Closed (Late - Unauthorised)
10.45 am     Morning Break
12.15 pm     Lunch Time (Classes 1 & 2)
12.30 pm     Lunch Time (Class 3)
  1.15 pm     End of Lunch Time (All classes)
  3.15 pm     End of School Day
  3.15 pm     Start of Out of School "Hedgehogs" Club (This must be booked)
  4.45 pm     End of Out of School  "Hedgehogs" Club

Pupil Premium Funding

Our school receives pupil premium funding for eligible children. Currently this funding is used to provide those children with free teacher-led extra curricular learning and free residential trips (during Years 3 and 4).  The remainder of the funding is used to provide additional Teaching Assistant time in class, in support of those children.  

SEN Provision

At St Dubricius School we are keen to provide the most effective support for our pupils with special needs by: providing support at the earliest opportunity, involving parents fully in decisions made about their child, involving pupils in setting targets and measuring success and providing support within the classroom in a way that minimises disruption to the child.  Mrs Sonia Watters is our Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who is based at the school one day per week.  Mrs Melanie Delbridge is our designated SEN Learning Support Assistant who is contracted for over 20 hours per week.  She works with both small groups and individual children both in the classroom or in our (dedicated) Exmoor Room. 

Outdoor Learning

Our school offers our Nursery and Year R children Forest School sessions.  Forest School sessions are led by our qualified Forest School leaders Mrs Karen Mallinson and Mrs Carol Murray; both of whom have over 7 years' experience.  Forest School takes place each Tuesday.  During sessions children are encouraged to play with natural materials and explore the rich Exmoor environment around them.  Activities include: den building, out-door cooking, bug hunting, artwork and even painting with mud!   Forest School takes place within a secure and pre risk-assessed local woodland, which is licenced exclusively to the school for this purpose.  Children travel to the woods (and sometimes local beaches) in the school mini-bus. 

Out of School Provision - "Hedgehogs Club"

Our Hedgehogs Club team is led by by Mrs Elizabeth Oriarna-Jewel and Miss Katie Tomlinson.  "Hedgehogs" runs from 3.15 to 4.45 pm each week day (term time only).  Session times and costs are currently: 3.15 - 4.00 pm (£3.00) and 4.00 to 4.45 pm (£3.00).  Sibling discounts also apply - 50% discount for a second sibling and 75% discount for a third child (terms: siblings must all be attending the same session). Our Nursery children may also attend Hedgehogs Club.  This provision offers our parents the chance to "extend their day" secure in the knowledge that their child is being cared for in a safe environment by CRB-cleared and appropriately qualified staff.  Bookings can be made via the school office, either on a block, or ad-hoc (and same day) basis.  Hedgehogs Club is managed by the school Leadership Team and is subject to the same high standards of regulation as the main school and nursery.  Each term the Club provides parents with a newsletter which lists the carefully planned vareity of activities and events taking place at Hedgehogs.  Copies of the newsletter can also be found under the Newsletter Tab of this website.

Teacher-Led After School Activities

Each term Clubs provision may change.  However, past provision has included: Multi-skills Club, IT/Computer Club, Football/Catchball/Cricket Club, Athletics/Running Club, Street Dancing, Drama Club, Art/Craft Club, Book Club, Board Games Club and Green Gekko (environmental and horticultural) Club. In addition our local church offers J.A.M. & Cakes Club which is "Sunday School on a Weekday".    Each activity costs £1.00 per session; these run from 3.15 to 4.00 pm. JAM & Cakes Club is free of charge as this is organised and funded by the church.  Pupil Premium children are exempt from teacher-led club charges, but sessions must still be booked.


Our school is proud of the range of music tuition currently being offered.  Years 3 and 4 pupils are learning to play a range of brass instruments.  Lessons are led by a visiting Somerset Music teacher every week.  The instruments have all been provided on long term loan at no cost to our parents. This provision will continue for Academic Year 2016-17.  During the Academic Year 2014-15 our Class 2 and 3 pupils benefitted from weekly singing/music sessions led by an experienced and highly qualified music teacher.  Past (parent funded) provision has also included guitar, drumming and violin lessons; this tuition is subject to the availability of appropriately qualified local teachers.   Currently (2016-17) we are offering (parent funded) piano tuition.


 During 2014-15 our Class 3 pupils were given French tuition each week.