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​Maths at St Louis

How maths is taught at St Louis​​

A​​s we continue to embark on our journey to mastery teaching and learning of maths, we invested in ‘Maths No Problem’, a maths curriculum based on the ‘Singapore’ approach to Years 1-6. Maths No Problem is a highly structured approach to teaching maths concepts, designed to develop and deepen pupils’ mathematical skills and confidence and to ensure all children can move forward together at broadly the same pace. The Singapore method of teaching mathematics, and therefore the scheme, is based on research and theories from a variety of educational psychologists including Jerome Bruner and Richard Skemp.​ 

The way in which concepts are explored and taught may be very different to the way in which you were taught yourself. You may wish to watch the videos by following the links on the right which explain the new approaches that the children are experiencing in class.

​Information and links 

Use the links below to find more information on our approach to teaching Maths at St Louis and for resources to help you support your child in their maths learning at home. 

Information leaflet for parents

Parent videos​