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Policies and Procedures


To see all of our Policies and Procedures please click on the relevant link below...


Acceptable Use Policy for Internet, Learning Environment and Email .pdf
Accessability plan - 2012.pdf
Administration of Medicines and Treatment Policy 2012.pdf
Admission Arrangments 2018-2019.doc
Admissions Policy - 2013.pdf
Behaviour - Statement of Behaviour Principles .pdf
Behaviour Policy .pdf
Capability Procedure.pdf
Charging and Remissions.pdf
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy .pdf
Collective Worship Policy .pdf
Complaint Form.pdf
Complaints Procedure.pdf
Confidentiality Policy .pdf
Critical Incidents in Schools.pdf
Data Protection Policy .pdf
Dealing with major incidents and updating your contingency plan.pdf
Disciplinary and  Appeals Procedure.pdf
Exmoor Coast Community Cohesion Policy 2013.pdf
Exmoor Coast Fed Attendance Policy 2013.pdf
Exmoor Coast Federation e-Safety Policy - 2013.pdf
Feedback and Marking Policy - 2012.pdf
Finance Policy 2012.pdf
Gifted and Talented policy 2013.pdf
Gov Body School Visiting Policy.pdf
Govermors allowances.pdf
Governor Curriculum Statement.pdf
Grievance Procedure.pdf
Handwriting Policy 2012.pdf
Health and safety policy - 2013.pdf
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