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SMSP Values.jpgOur children exemplify the Christian values of Compassion, Creation, Endurance, Forgiveness, Friendship, Hope, Humility, Justice, Koinonia, Peace, Reverence, Service, Thankfulness, Trust and Wisdom.

Our children have chosen five values that we have agreed best represent our ambitions to grow as learners. They are; Trust, Friendship, Forgiveness, Peace and Hope.
Our core values lead to a curriculum that is a curriculum in all of life’s Fullness where children can demonstrate the following outcomes;
  • Children who have the right to be heard,
  • Have their play respected  and childhood allowed to flourish. 
  • Children who care for and preserve our world. 
  • Children that value and respect themselves and others. 
  • Children that discover and use their talents and gifts through the opportunities we give them.
  • Children who are prepared for life, who have high aspirations, high quality learning experiences and high achievement. 
  • Children who are excited by learning, who are curious, who can question and reflect. 
  • Children who are part of their community and who understand a sense of place, tradition and story.
  • Children who demonstrate empathy, care, thoughtfulness and respect, alongside a strong family ethos.

We aim to guide children along their individual paths to reach their personal, social and academic potential. Inclusion is paramount and we strive to ensure that all children have equal opportunities across the curriculum.